Aspisec partecipa all’esclusivo NIAS 2016 – conferenza annuale promossa dalla NATO

Cosa è NIAS 2016: NIAS, NATO’s annual cyber security symposium, is a must attend event for today’s security professional. This 2-day event brings together leading security specialists, directors, and mid-managers to product developers and front-line IT staff—to exchange ideas, gain valuable knowledge to implement their security initiatives and share real-world experiences. NIAS2016 addresses the latest innovations in cyber security and provides you with business critical insight, best practice, and practical case studies through sessions, exhibits, workshops and much more!

As an Alliance, NATO’s core mission is to safeguard the freedom and security of its members. To do this, NATO has to be strong, stable and secure. Defending against a growing cyber threat or containing intrusions begins with an internal perspective of good computer hygiene, threat vector analysis, and looking to the future. NIAS 2016 will discuss what NATO can do to increase its resilience in the context of ever more sophisticated attacks, while ensuring NATO forces are secure and defended in a static or deployed readiness posture.

NATO is looking inside its walls to see what it can do now to guarantee mission assurance. We will also analyse emerging threats, and look to the 2020 horizon in exploration of innovative solutions for the next generation of NATO’s IT Services.

16 Ottobre 2016